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Digital Print

For shorter runs - anything from 1 to 500 copies

If you want an improvement over black and white photocopies for sales literature! See how clear, crisp, and professional a colour layout looks. Why spend good money mailing out old ugly brochures, that get a poor response when a high impact new one cost about the same. Sales will go up, and so will profits.


Whether your need is price lists, estate details, data sheets, promotional literature, trade show handouts, invitations, or any other application. Full colour in your print communications will project your product or services in a way that will have the impact you need.


Our Digital Colour Press handles a wide range of paper types and weights from 75 g/m² paper to 427 g/m² card and  runs all types of jobs from premium 4-colour business cards, postcards, direct mail pieces, brochures, to in-store signage. Print sizes from business cards to over A3.


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