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DI Press


Environmentally Friendly, Fast Turnaround, Exceptional Print Quality, very economical short to medium run colour.


DI is a Smarter Way to Print


Prepress to Press in seven minutes

Direct Imaging (DI) is the process of sending a digital file directly to a digital offset press. This process eliminates the production steps associated with film-based platemaking. Our DI press allows us  to be more competitive in a market that continually demands faster turnaround time and shorter press runs at lower costs - with enhanced quality and economical print runs from 200 to 50,000.

 DI is an enabling process brought about by the interaction of three core technologies - laser imaging, thermal digital media, and a unique press design.


Our DI Press opens a new chapter in digital print production: The colours are brilliant, the options extensive. Thanks to waterless offset technology and our revolutionary new inking system that create high-density solids (without streaks) and a colour density almost impossible to achieve in conventional offset.


Direct Imaging eliminates hazardous waste material right up to the final step of printing. Film and chemical processing are eliminated. Since the plates are non-photographic, disposal problems associated with heavy metals are gone, as is the cost. And, since DI is a waterless printing process, fount and alcohol substitutes are eliminated.


Checkout for more information on our environmentally friendly printing process.



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